19 November 2015

Looking in the Crystal Ball: Hasbro has another great plan for WoTC

I am just waiting for the bomb to drop on a decision from Hasbro that will hamstring D&D 5e. Let's look into the crystal ball and see what is coming next year:

"Wizards of the Coast, under orders from the geniuses at Hasbro, reveal a new source book for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition: The Bard's Handbook featuring a first for the RPG hobby:  full karaoke MP3 downloads!

Said Martin Pimpletrout, vice-president of new ideas at Hasbro, "Kids love RPG's. Kids love karaoke. Kids love downloading. Say no more."

Wizards licensed over 100 popular songs and provided the backing tracks as downloads for player's MP3 units. 'Kids love MP3s. Say no more,' exclaimed a very excited Pimpletrout. When the person playing the bard wants to cast a spell or give bonuses to other characters, he whips out his mobile device, plays the track and sings the song. Pimpletrout cannot stop talking, 'The song may be a popular one, but we changed the words to fit with the D&D theme. America Pie becomes Faerunian Pie. When Doves Cry becomes When Orcs Die. We Don't Need Another Hero becomes Waterdeep Needs Another Hero. Say no more.'

The Bard's Handbook comes with a code for four karaoke downloads, with more available using a web code, available in collectible foil blind packs.

12 November 2015

The Saga Continues... Again

Not old, it's a fine vintage.
In my last post I talked about the excellent new, fan made, edition of West End's Star Wars RPG. Here is another well done find, a source book for the Old Republic era made famous in a great video game (and its mediocre sequel), the current MMO, and Dark Horse comics. Lots of adventure here in over 400 pages.

Also at the d6 Holocron, books for Star Wars Rebels and more. Star Wars d6 will not die.

Follow this link to the d6 Holocron.

10 November 2015

The Saga Continues

I have a place in my heart for two things: West End's Star Wars RPG (the d6 version) and fan productions. So this new release is nothing short of AWESOMESAUCE.

click me to see it BIG!
The REUP team (revised, expanded, updated) has issued an unauthorized update to the second edition, revised and expanded, which was the final release of the game. This updates the game to include a lot of new content from episodes I-III and the legends stories (formerly the expanded universe, now totally non canon). You can play it without the legends material. I hope that they do another edition with information only for canon material (the TV shows, movies, new novels, and Marvel comics). However, this is full of excellent material that will serve Star Wars d6 players for a good while (heck, I just watched a group playing the last West End version at my local FLGS).

The alternate, cool retro cover
It also gathers much of the material from other Star Wars books, making it the most complete versions of the game ever.

Fan materials are often good but unorganized and unappealing. Not here. This looks totally pro, and will look great if you get it printed on-demand. It reads well. It has all the good "teaching you to play" material that the old books were famous for.

I hated all the d20 versions of Star Wars. I think the Fantasy Flight RPG currently available is pretty good, but to me d6 was simple, cinematic fun, and I am glad it is not dying.

You can download it here (its slow, I'll try to find a better link).