23 May 2015

Welcome to BroccoliFest: A Badly Named Blog About The Tabletop RPG Hobby

Hi everyone- human, demi-human, planetouched and everything in between! Welcome. Feel free to take your shoes off and have a seat.

This blog will be about all aspects of the RPG hobby. It will have reviews, opinions, observations, occasional facts, and humor. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have for the last twenty minutes.

Also, I intend to have a forum set up soon to discuss just about any RPG related topic, but it will be a little different in its execution. It will either fly or crash and burn, but dammit I will give it a try. More to come on the forum in the near future.

As for the humor part: Some of the posts are made as parody, poking fun at the industry through fake press releases, made up releases, or the occasional limerick. It is not meant to be mean or degrade anyone. If anything, I’ll try and have the humor be about something, shedding a chuckle on the way our hobby works. If you get or not is your own problem. It’s like online humor sites including The Onion, Clickhole, and USA Today, all three well known humor sites that nobody believes is true.

The thing is that role playing is supposed to be fun, and I’ve hung out one RPG website (which I will not mention by name) that while having very good content in their reviews and columns (and I recommend you read them otherwise you are missing out), their forums are devoid of fun and humor because the admins are capricious and uneven in their handling of situations. IMHO!

So together, lets put the phun back in RPG (role phun gaming?).


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