08 September 2016

Celebrity Break Up: Fantasy Flight and Games Workshop?

This is big news. It looks like Fantasy Flight Games' license to make games based on Games Workshop's properties (Warhammer and Warhammer 40k mainly, plus others like the Blood Bowl card game) has ended... suddenly. Mum's the word, however, GW was shopping almost all their properties at a licensing fair a couple of months ago, and FFG has pulled all their PDFs from an online seller (though I have not confirmed this).

This is big news for role players. FFG has a large line of products to play in, including Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and all the titles based on 40k. As far as I know it has sold well, but this is GW and they probably think they should be selling more because, well, they are Games Workshop! Certainly, their minis games cost a premium penny. It is not like the RPG's don't cost a pretty penny.

If true, this is, IMO, another bad decision GW has made recently. From going to plastic minis and jacking the price up, to Age of Sigmar, a major revamp of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles rules, not grabbing the imagination as they hoped. Now they expect their RPG players to buy a whole new set of books? They probably have no problem with this as they are a company that sells revised rules for their miniatures games every year, with minor upgrades, for $50+ each time.

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