08 July 2016

Quick thoughts

Aternity: Old Is New (to Me)

Reading the rules to Alternity. Interesting game, seems fun, dicing method is kind of weird but neat and original. I never had it because it was not long lived as WoTC cancelled it right before d20 came out. While it has some oddities, it is far better than the Frankenstin's monster that d20Modern was. Happens when marketing ("make a modern D&D") is the source of ideas. I agree with people on the Interwebtoobs, this needs a retroclone, with some adjustments to take a good game great. Sadly, not available in DriveThruRPG.

Dark Matter

Wow, what a great background. I love conspiracy games, and Dark Matter is really imaginative yet steeped in "real" conspiracy nonsense. It is what made me aware of Alternity, though I have the d20Modern version because WoTC has not made the Alternity version available. Love the "10 things you should know" about the game at the start, which writer Wolfgang "Not-Amadeus" Baur also uses in another of his works I am jazzed on called....


Midgard is an excellent game world from Kobold Press, I may be late discovering this, but that means I don't have to wait for the supplements- they are already out! It keeps some of the traditional fantasy game elements with twists and doses of new. It has been a long time in the making, stemming from Wolfgang "Gang of Wolves" Baur has used for his homebrew games since he was a teen. While written for Pathfinder (and has an AGE supplement in the back of the campaign book), it is mostly "fluff" and easy to adapt to your favorite system (I am getting a Savage Worlds based game group together right now). Lots of supplements and detail, and the world has different areas that support different game feels, from high fantasy to fantasy horror. Being rooted in traditional fantasy makes it easier to adapt adventures from other games but keeps it all fresh. Why don't you have these books? 

Traveller: Mongoose Version 2

My wife got it as I was on the fence as it is really not that different in rules from what came before. However, I really like the new edition of Mongoose Publishing version of Traveller because it has left the 1980's in look (lots of text, black and white line drawings) and now is a modern book with great layout and excellent art, especially the gear section, and the isomorphic deck plans are very cool.

UPDATE: It has no index. No index? Really? Not  cool. I mean, they are kind of a new frill, only in books since the 1500s.

F.A.T.A.L. for D&D 5e

No. Thank the gods of Greyhawk.

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