15 July 2015

History lesson: An update on Designers and Dragons

In June I published my review of Shannon Applecline's Designers and Dragons,  and very interesting history of the Role Playing hobby in four volumes, one for each of the decades from the 70s to the '00s. In it I was a bit critical that promised updates to the history were supposed to be posted on RPGnet, but that the topic had been touched in a while.

Well, button my shorts! There is an update and it is well worth waiting for. This article covers the latest changes at Chaosium, with founder Greg Stafford and writer Sandy Peterson back in control. It is a pivotal time for Chaosium, and a must read from Applecline.

Click to read the Designers and Dragons update at RPGnet.

Click to read my review of Designers and Dragons here on Broccolifest.

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