21 July 2015

It's Official: TORG: Eternity is coming!

Doctor Mobius looking all Gangsta!
So, even though Shane Hensley tried to bluff us by saying the dice were not part of the clue, it is confirmed today the West End Games RPG Torg is returing as Torg: Eternity is 2016. It has a some power behind it, both monetarily and talent wise.

It is backed by Ulisses Spiele, a german game company that distributes a bunch of American games to Euro-audiences (BattleTech, World of Darkness, Pathfinder, and more), as well as publishing their own original RPGs and board games. This is their first English language project and you know they will want to impress.

Also on board is Shane Hensley of Pinnacle Entertainment. His first published game piece was an adventure for Torg, and he brings both talent and enthusiasm for Torg with him.

From the press release:
Torg co-creator Greg Gorden has been involved at a high level and given it his blessing: “I really like this re-imagining of the TORG mythos. The streamlining and modernization of the game mechanics feel spot on. I cannot wait to play this game!”
The game’s rights were sold after the closure of West End Games and were eventually purchased by Torg fan and president of Ulisses Spiele, Markus Plotz. “TORG is a one of a kind RPG. The setting is unique and for over 15 years, I dreamed about releasing a new and updated version. Now, with the help of the amazing Shane Hensley, that dream finally becomes reality!”
Will Jon Bon Jovi return?
Shane Lacy Hensley heads up the United States studio where ... Torg: Eternity [is] being created. “Though my plate is pretty full with my own company, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, I couldn’t resist working on the game that gave me my start. I also met a kindred spirit in Markus Plotz who truly loves and appreciates what a turning point Torg marked in RPG development, so I just couldn’t say no.”
Will it be Savage Worlds based? What changes have happened to the mythos. What are the plans for player influence of the story arc? I guess we will have to wait a bit for clarity, as it is let's just enjoy the return of Torg.

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